We have some really smart people on our team,
and we mean really really smart – pioneers in the industry.


[four-columns]Claude ThéoretClaude G. Théoret, PhD.

Founder & CEO

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Claude is Nexalogy’s chief evangelist and is responsible for the development of our advanced analysis tools. Claude is a physicist with expertise in the management of innovation. One of the founding members of McGill University’s astronomy department, Claude was ranked first in the astronomy and astrophysics postdoctoral fellowship competition in Québec. He conducted his postdoctoral research at the Collège de France as a member of the prestigious HESS Collaboration. After teaching as a professor of physics and statistics at the American University in Paris, Claude focused his analytical expertise on Co-Word Analysis, Actor Network Theory and their practical applications. Claude founded Nexalogy in 2006.[/toggle][/four-columns]

[four-columns]Naomi GoldappleNaomi Goldapple

VP Business Development

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Naomi’s unique experience combines both start-up entrepreneurship and seasoned IBM technology and business consultant. She worked in Latin America on various technology projects. At Nexalogy Naomi leads the sales efforts, develops channel partnerships and forges ahead positioning Nexalogy’s tech as the core technology for unstructured data analysis across various industries. Naomi has an International MBA, specializing in developing markets in Latin America, from the Schulich School of Business as well as a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University. When Naomi is not working she can be found spending time with her husband and 3 kids, or on the soccer field.[/toggle][/four-columns]

[four-columns]Mark GorenMark Goren

Director Client Services

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Mark teamed up with Nexalogy Environics in March 2011 to drive its research and insights team. Since, he’s implemented processes to transform the approach of Nexalogy’s services division while forging new working relationships with agencies to help their clients execute on insights derived from social data. In April 2012, after Nexalogy was named Ford Canada’s agency of record for Social Media Measurement, Analytics and Reporting, Mark has lead the account, working with Nexalogy’s colleagues at Environics Research Group to deliver industry-leading social media research, intelligence and analytics. When not digging into social data, Mark loves to hang out with his wife and kids – and dig pucks out of the corner during his weekly hockey game.[/toggle][/four-columns]

[four-columns]Nina SilverstoneNina Silverstone


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[four-columns]Guido VieraGuido Vieira

General Manager

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Guido is in charge of the development team at Nexalogy and helps grow the business on a daily basis. He believes that motivated and smart teams with space for creativity, create great and innovative products. He has a background in technical project management and has worked for Ubisoft, The Royal Bank of Canada and Hercules. In his spare time Guido writes surrealist science fiction romances, and is working on an innovative new business book entitled,”How to Manage Small Agile Teams by Pretending To Be a Large Parrot”.[/toggle][/four-columns]

[four-columns]Nicole FuNicole Fu

Head of Marketing

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A once-competitive figure skater and wannabe polyglot, Nicole is a data-driven marketer with a degree in Mathematics and Statistics. She founded Jolietta – an e-boutique for women, and currently leads the marketing efforts at Nexalogy. Analytic yet creative and gung-ho, Nicole is keen on continuous learning, challenges, and new experiences. Connect with her on Twitter @nicolejfu[/toggle][/four-columns]

[four-columns]Zach DevereauxZach Devereaux

Director of Research

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Zach leads social media research projects and reporting, building on experience in social media analytics and research development from 2004 to today. Zach holds a BA in History and a MA in International Relations from the University of Alberta. As a PhD Candidate, Zach was part of a team that won a Gemini Award for best Web 2.0 Research into the Federal Election of 2008, and has carried out multiple online-politics related research projects. He has also co-authored several papers in this field and presented research briefs at several agencies and conferences. Zach likes French-language newspapers and coaching soccer.[/toggle][/four-columns]

[four-columns]Amanda RobinsonAmanda Robinson

Research Analyst, Trainer

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Amanda’s position as a Research Analyst and Software Trainer on the services team allows her to make use of both her skills in librarianship and her background in training. Her proficiency on our Social Media Analysis tools makes her a key contributor on projects for our marquee clients. Amanda also heads up the software training for all of our new and prospective clients. She has considerable experience animating and developing curriculum for both private and group training sessions in the corporate and educational sectors. In her spare time, Amanda likes kissing her cat and dumpster diving.[/toggle][/four-columns]



[four-columns]Maxime MartineauMaxime Martineau

Lead Developer

[toggle title=”About Max”]Max is one of a kind. Rumor has it he was raised by wolves in the desert before he came back as a cowboy. Having learnt coding paradigm from a techno-shaman, he developed the agility and the resourcefulness required to be a quick and intense developer. Java and PHP are his favourites, accompanied by MySQL of course. He is open and enthusiastic about new technologies and always tries to figure out new and better approaches to problem solving. This virtual adept is a fan of gaming (be it computer gaming or role-playing) and programming even in his spare time.[/toggle][/four-columns]

[four-columns]Brady CurlewBrady Curlew

Research Analyst

[toggle title=”About Brady”]Brady joined Nexalogy in 2014 as a research analyst based in Toronto. Brady holds an MA in English and Cultural Studies from McMaster University, as well as a Ph.D. in Communications and Culture from York and Ryerson Universities where he studied digital play, cultural modification and how user-generated content affects the design of new digital technology. He was a research associate at Ryerson’s Infoscape Lab for the Study of Social Media, where he helped design and conduct some of the earliest formal Canadian research on social media platforms as they were emerging. When not bathing in seas of data, Brady enjoys kitty cats, reading about the history of music and tormenting Nexalogy’s golden son, Zach Devereaux.[/toggle][/four-columns]

[four-columns]Luc DoucetLuc Doucet

Social Insight Specialist

[toggle title=”About Luc”]Luc has worked with the largest brands in the world on their Global and North American Social Media initiatives, helping to pioneer and navigate the perils of social customer service on Facebook & Twitter. Originally a content creator, Luc has jumped around the evolving social media spectrum the past few years and joining Nexalogy as big social data has become invaluable for brands. A graduate from the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University, Luc left behind the 20-hour days of Toronto’s TV production scene and moved to Montreal in 2009 to reconnect with his Francophone roots. He later discovered his roots are Acadian, not Quebecois.[/toggle][/four-columns]

[four-columns]Sandra D'AngeloSandra D’Angelo

Customer Success Agent

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Sandra graduated from McGill University with a bachelors in music performance and followed it up with a masters in marketing from HEC Montréal. She worked in arts administration before landing in the tech sector. By day she helps clients with their projects and by night she goes to rehearsals or cooks with exotic ingredients.[/toggle][/four-columns]



[four-columns]Will EizliniWill Eizlini


[toggle title=”About Will”]Will began working at Nexalogy in late 2012 specifically to help design and execute the exposition of Nexalogy’s core technology into a REST API. He specializes in systems that generate self-testing / self-documenting API endpoints. He also uses his design and Ui-Ux skills for developing front HTML5 apps which use Nexalogy’s API. Will has worked since 1997 on all aspects of web development, having had extensive work as an integrator and back end programmer since the wild west days of the early browser wars. When not working on code, will spends most of his free time with his other passion, as a musician and composer.[/toggle][/four-columns]

[four-columns]Patrice LevesquePatrice Levesque

System Admin

[toggle title=”About Patrice”]Legend says Patrice has mineral origins; for years now he’s been dealing with server farms, keeping wolves away and babysitting herds that cry in the night. At Nexalogy he wears suede sysadmin overalls, handling virtual server deployments, security, scalability, high availability, database performance and other bare metal tasks. Self-taught in the school of GNU, he appreciates and propagates software freedom values. Patrice likes awkward silences, either in the music he writes, in casual conversation or between each word he reads.[/toggle][/four-columns]

[four-columns]Andreea NicaAndreea Nica

Software Developer

[toggle title=”About Andreea”]With a software engineering bachelor’s degree from Concordia University and several years experience in different startups overseas Andreea’s role is to catch any problem before it goes online as well as develop new features for our future releases. Her great organizational and analytical skills and attention to detail will help Nexalogy have a more robust product and improve the clients’ experience. She has a passion for open source applications and is always interested in learning new technologies. When not working, she has her family and friends around and she travels.[/toggle][/four-columns]

[four-columns]Krista SmythKrista Smyth

Office Manager

[toggle title=”About Krista”]

Krista has counted beans for a number of Montreal start-ups over the last decade. There is no shoebox full of receipts, no stack of invoices, no bundle of tax notices big enough to resist her organizational skills. She has a balanced skill set of both administration and accounting and thrives in an everybody-pitch-in entrepreneurial environment. When not keeping the office running smoothly, she can be found herding cats, kicking up dried leaves and visiting art galleries.[/toggle][/four-columns]



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