As a leading provider of social media research technology and consulting services, we offer clients a variety of strategies allowing them to benefit from the advanced analytical power of our proprietary social data mining and analysis engine.

Community management

Good community management means keeping your finger on the pulse of your community and reacting to significant signals as they happen. Nexalogy can find the topics most relevant to your followers – breaking news, rising cultural phenomena, big events, disasters – and help you expand your community while cultivating engagement.

Content marketing

Being tuned in to the topics of interest to your community is the best way to craft content that resonates with that group, leading to more shares and likes, putting even more eyeballs on your message organically.

YPG uses Nexalogy’s technology platform to monitor trending topics on Twitter in order to direct their content marketing strategy and increase traffic on their website.

By following influencers and listening to engaged communities in different verticals, YPG rides a wave of trending topics to keep their own content consistently relevant, so their followers keep on clicking.

Social media intelligence

Our Research and Insights team helps clients in need of expert guidance and/or a deep dive into specific, complex, and challenging business issues.

Stakeholder discovery

Whether working in the natural resources sector or directing a political campaign, issues with a public impact are shaped by stakeholders on social media. If your organization needs to understand the social media chatter surrounding a major issue, Nexalogy can identify, map and analyze your key stakeholders, giving you a strategic edge to help you succeed in social media and beyond. Our clients often know in advance about relevant influencer positions and activities, including during crisis situations. Nexalogy’s proprietary technology and analytical acumen keeps our customers ahead of the curve.

Because of their commitment to corporate social responsibility, Petro Canada wanted to investigate social media as a source of information about perceptions of their brand, products and practices.

Nexalogy helped Petro Canada fully understand the optics of their reputation on social media by producing reports on emerging issues as they arose and evolved. This enabled Petro Canada to successfully prepare marketing campaigns, review policies, and develop appropriate corporate responses to mitigate risk and crises leading up to and during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Competitive intelligence

Understanding how competitors are engaging with their audience is a key input for corporate decision making. The way the public perceives a company and its competitors can change very quickly and be affected by subtle changes in the conversational landscape -a company that is tracking these changes over time has a clear advantage in the marketplace. Nexalogy’s approach to competitive intelligence not only provides information about how your competitors are perceived, but also practical strategies to help take advantage of this insight.

Nexalogy helps Ford gain insights from their social media channels, which allows them to improve their business intelligence.

Risk detection and assessment

The internet and social media can be dangerous places for a brand to navigate. Not listening to the conversations happening every day can be a costly mistake given that tomorrow’s news can be found in today’s blog post. Our analysts deploy algorithms and human insight to create world-class risk evaluation studies. That’s part of how Nexalogy offers clients advanced signal detection and assessment on social, so that you are in the know before the news breaks.

When Osisko wanted to follow the discussion around their Hammond Reef mining operation, especially with regards to negative coverage and aboriginal issues, Nexalogy provided the key insights they were looking for. Discovery of the major stakeholders and resonance of different topics directed ongoing media and outreach activities, and flagged topics which warranted further attention and analysis.

Social media discovery for government

As proven by our past contracts with DND, PSPC, and HC, Nexalogy can help government in discovering the actors and themes that are most important to the department on social media, in order to integrate these findings into community reporting and increase engagement with core values and messaging.
In addition as demonstrated, Nexalogy has the ability to identify and filter for Russian disinformation and propaganda on social media, a key concern for government.


Whether you want to become proficient with NexaIntelligence to conduct research on your own, or you’d rather we build a report for you, we at Nexalogy give you all the options:

Training & Implementation

Seamlessly integrate NexaIntelligence into your workflow while gaining powerful insights into social media conversations. In a matter of hours, we’ll teach you how to use the platform to develop proper search parameters, conduct research, and to draw conclusions from the data. We’ll also show you what goes into a successful report.

In-house Analysis & Reporting

Your time is valuable, we respect that. Let’s set up a meeting to find out what you want, and our trained analysts will do the research for you! You’ll get a detailed report designed to help you make better decisions, quicker.

Custom features & dashboards

You want it? We’ll make it! Our team of developers is dedicated to providing clients with the best possible user experience, and yes, that includes building the tools you need to analyse the data you want!

Live Customer Support

Reach out through our dedicated customer help chat, or via phone or e-mail, and we’ll help you with whatever it is you need, right when you need it.


NexaIntelligence is our research and analysis platform designed to help you extract actionable insights from reams of data. It is able to comprehend and extract actionable insights from unstructured data such as social media posts, news articles, or any other unstructured text.

Here’s how it answers each of our clients’ distinctive needs:

For Agencies

With over 10 years’ experience analysing data, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many advertising and communications agencies like yours. With Nexalogy by your side, you will find and understand your target audiences in real time, listen to public opinion on brands and products from across the world, and keep track of what matters to your clients.

  • Understand your clients and their brands’ influence across the world
  • Listen to public social conversations in real time or by conducting historical searches
  • Remove spam and bots to get a clear picture of what your audience thinks and seeks
  • Identify community influencers and the loudspeakers most likely to interact with your content and your clients’ products
  • Analyse top hashtags and keywords to optimize your campaigns
  • Discover new audiences and niche markets by exploring conversation clusters
  • Track trends and monitor market changes with greater accuracy
  • Rankings of top publications and top shared links at your fingertips
  • Identify target users for Adbuy campaigns and directly send them impactful content
  • Set up alerts to stay on top of your research

Are you ready to harness the power of Big Data to generate effective social media strategies?

Do it with NexaIntelligence, just like:

  • Cossette
  • Environics Communications/Proof Inc.
  • Fish Out of Water Design
  • Manifest
  • Ogilvy
  • Secor
  • Social Media Group
  • Tuxedo

Investor Relations and Public Relations

Know what people think about you and your clients, track market trends and fluctuations to stay on top of an impending or ongoing crisis, all thanks to our powerful algorithms. Identifying most influential users by geographical location and studying their network has never been easier.

  • Get ahead of social acceptability for major projects through discovery
  • Understand public relations crises and be able to make data-driven decisions in relation to public opinion
  • Identify key influencers susceptible of affecting the outcome of a crisis
  • Find and study networks of people on the Actor Interactions Map
  • Study Sentiment Analysis to know how people feel, anytime, anywhere in the world
  • Know what is trending and when with our Time Series Analysis: detect trends and cycles in the data, by subject, compared to a baseline of your choosing
  • See what links people share the most and which tweets are most popular

Our clients :

  • Edelman
  • Ethiquette
  • National Public Relations
  • Petro Canada
  • Sonic boom
  • Young and Rubican

Government and non-profits

NexaIntelligence was built for data-intensive precision work, which our government clients rely on to tackle some of society’s most complex issues. That’s where all of the system’s features come into play.

Health Canada used NexaIntelligence to study discussions of the opioid crisis and other public health issues such as vaping accidents in Canada and beyond.

PSPC used NexaIntelligence to get to know the innovation and startup community across Canada.

If you work for a government department and want to harness social media data for decision-making, talk to us today!

Academic Partners

Because we believe in the power of research and cross-disciplinary analysis, we make it a point to give university students opportunities to work with our technology to further their research goals. Our customer success agent personally trains each participating researcher so they can autonomously use NexaIntelligence to get the results they need.

Our current academic partner(s):

Miguel del Pino, Research Associate, Concordia University, MITACS placement, analysis of discussions on poverty on social media, research on environmental issues integrating a decision-analytic framework (2019).

Among those who worked with us in the past, the following published their findings:

Dr. Kathleen Carley, Carnegie Mellon University, co-author TJ2018 After-action Report, Is the Sample Good Enough? Comparing data from Twitter’s Streaming API with Twitter’s Firehose (2015), A Study on the use of “Yams” for enterprise knowledge sharing (2012).

Natalia Castaneda and Claire Reinelt, Leadership Learning Community, Applying Social Network Analysis to Online Communications Networks (2012).

Daniel Drache, Fred Fletcher, Biswajit Das and Taberez Ahmed Neyazi, Report on Media Activism and Other Manias: How the English Mass Circulation Indian Press Framed the 2014 Election Campaign (2015).

Emma Ebowe, McGill University, Policy and Data Science (PODS) program, research project on white supremacists’ hate tweets, comparative analysis of Canada vs. rest of the world.

Marc Levasseur, Université du Québec à Montréal, research on electoral politics and discussions of mining and social acceptability on social media, Electoral Barometer 2012, and Observatoire médias sociaux et grands chantiers du Québec.

Dr. Kyle Matthews, Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MiGS), Concordia University, countering online extremism with digital tools.

Adnan Raja, PhD candidate, Concordia University, MITACS placement, Coalescing around narratives of gender inequality on Twitter: the use of informal coalitions online in the Toronto 2018 municipal election (2018).

Dr. Ketra Schmitt, Associate Professor, Concordia University, Mapping the Artificial Intelligence, Networked Hate, and Human Rights Landscape (2018), co-recipient ENGAGE grant 2018.

Other mentions of our work —

Kimberly Fredericks, PhD, MPA, RD, Associate Professor, The Sage Colleges School of Management, Using Social Network Analysis in Evaluation: A Report to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2013).



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