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Stay on top of your timeline

Following lots of people? Looking to grow your follower count?

Unclutter your Twitter timeline by cutting down the noise and get the best tweets, shares and conversations.

Explore any topic

Nexalogy helps you discover the good stuff on Twitter and stay on top of any topic.

It pulls the most relevant tweets, conversations and people, all from a simple set of keywords.

Campaign management

Social ad platforms allow you to choose your target audience – but how should you define them?

Nexalogy uncovers your key audiences based on what they are saying in real-time, then removes spam and bots so you get a clearer picture of what’s happening in your space.

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How it works

Nexalogy continuously retrieves and analyses Twitter using a powerful analytics engine designed for social media.

Unlike in a regular timeline, the most engaged accounts are ranked higher, the most shared links are immediately accessible.

Related hashtags are linked and conversation participants are clustered together. Explore the graph and discover more.