Promoting films through social media conversations

by Nexalogy

Case Study — L’Empreinte

L’Empreinte is directed and produced by Carole Poliquin and Yvan Dubuc, with Roy Dupuis. This Productions ISCA film highlights the enduring, and often hidden influence of native culture on Quebec society.

For the Quebec film launch, ISCA Productions asked Louis-Félix Binette of f. & co (Strategic Management Consulting) and Claude Théoret of Nexalogy (data analysis)to maximize the impact of the launch campaign by using Nexalogy’s technology to analyse conversations online.


How can we mention the film in ongoing conversations, and ensure that we reach those who are most likely to be interested in the specific storylines of the movie?


  • Prepare a promotional campaign leading up to the release of the film.
  • Cultivate engagement with the target audience by reacting to and discussing current events.
  • Maximize the reach of the campaign by discovering new audiences with these interests.
  • Identify communities where demand for the film would justify distribution.


Nexalogy’s technology analyses conversations on social media and other non-structured data including blogs, forums and many more. Thanks to our ability to map social conversations, we were able to identify the following before the launch of the campaign:

  • The top 10 themes of the film which potentially were already being discussed.
  • The sentiment of the conversations, as well as the main actors and top influencers.
  • What would be people’s reactions to the film, what would they say when they saw it etc…
  • The demographics of our target audiences

An influencer map regarding conversations about the movie

This preliminary study allowed Louis-Félix Binette of f. & co to precisely define his engagement strategy:

  • Building a bank of relevant content to correspond to different situations (quotes, photos, replies for those who comment about the movie)
  • Content creation according to the defined themes for the film
  • Preparation of “ammunition” to respond to any media or press attention (reaction to controversy, other films, etc.)
  • Development of a calendar of media opportunities (press, radio, TV, etc.)

A sample of the content that was prepared

Example of a media opportunity: Tout le Monde en Parle (Panel Show)— Roy Dupuis was invited with other celebrity guests. Ahead of his appearance, a number of blog posts were written about these other celebrities, linking the to the show as well.

For every theme or target audience, the following were identified:

  • Top influencers (@id, #hashtags)
  • A list of expected questions, and suitable answers
  • Allies and ambassadors


By combining strategic planning and technology, f. & co and Nexalogy created and implemented a promotion campaign which noticeably drew interest and attention to the film both before and after its premiere. This collaboration also managed to:

  • Develop a community of fans out of existing communities or conversations.
  • Align the movie and its messaging with current events.
  • Relay the conversation on to influencers who spoke of the film. For example, blogger Mario Asselin was inspired to write about and comment on the movie since there was an active conversation around it.
  • Create a loyal audience and content for future projects — whether or not they are related to the initial film’s theme.
  • Prolong the time the movie runs in theaters. The cinéma Beaubien presented the film for longer than anticipated, as well as the cinéma Clap in Quebec City and Trois-Rivières. Theatre and festival programmers were presented with evidence that there was a local community who would likely attend, as well as with assurance that an impactful promotional campaign would accompany the release of the movie.

Credits: Les Productions Isca, Nexalogy, logiciel d’analyse de données non structurée, et f. & co, services conseils en management stratégique. L’Empreinte

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