MLB’s All-Star Game: Oh Canada!

by Steve La Barbera

Tenor Remigio Pereira No Longer Performing With the Group After “Lone-Wolf” Political Statement During National Anthem.

Remigio Pereira Holds an “All Lives Matter” sign during the Tenors’ performance of O Canada at the 2016 All-Star Game

For those of you who aren’t sports fans… Baseball had it’s All-Star Game last night in San Diego. Just before the game, as usual, the Canadian and American national anthems were performed. But while The Tenors were Performing O Canada, this happened:

Fun fact, the real lyrics to O Canada were recently changed, and the group also sand the old version

The group has apologized, calling this the act of a “Lone Wolf”. And while the altered lyrics did get a mild cheer inside the ballpark… on Social media, these guys took a beating!

The top 10 Hashtags Associated with the All-Star Game

#Disrespectful stands out here in the 8th position because it’s the only hashtag of the bunch that expresses an opinion. And with reason. Whatever an individual’s position regarding the All Lives Matter movement, the middle of a country’s anthem broadcast live in many countries, may not be the right time to express it.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Canadians seem more upset about this than their southern neighbors. It’s possible that most Americans don’t know the words to O Canada, and therefore didn’t catch it.

Here are a few examples of how people reacted:

In fairness, there are a hand full of tweets that are supportive of Pereira’s move… but really very few.

There is also the possibility that Mr. Pereira just doesn’t have very good judgement. For example, this was one of his many tweets right after the incident:

Can anyone tell us who nominated this guy to speak for the human race?

Furthermore, Pereira has now temporarily been banned from performing with his group while they consider their next PR move. Hope it was worth it Remigio.

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