Leading up to the Olympic Games, Which Countries are Building Their Social Audiences?

by Steve La Barbera

Engagement and Audience Acquisition show Little Correlation

Well, shut my mouth!

Last week, we told you how awesome Canadians are because they are the most engaged country per capita on social media for the upcoming Olympic games in Brazil. (Among the countries we’re monitoring)

As Canadians, we’re going to stick with our claim of awesomeness, but the past week has seen some interesting developments as far as audience acquisition for each of these Olympic teams.

At a glance, the total followers graph appears similar to last week

In the 2 charts above we see the total number of followers for each Olympic team across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, followed by the number of new followers from the past week. As we can see, Facebook is still dominant in total followers as well as total follower growth.

The US and Brazil have seen significant growth in total their audiences. But that growth is a little closer to the mean when expressed as a percentage (shown below). By this metric, Instagram is surging ahead faster than the others in each country.

When expressed in percentage, Instagram is the fastest growing social media for these Olympic teams

So, we awesome Canadians are suddenly lagging behind pretty much everyone, across the board, according to the % of growth in audience metric.

However, last week, when we looked at this data on a per capita basis, that’s where team Canada fans really showed their pride. Unfortunately, they seem to have turned their attention elsewhere this past week. They are near the back of the pack once again, even by this metric.

But overall, the bigger growth numbers for these other Olympic teams were not enough to catch the Canadians in the overall % of their respective populations following each Olympic team.

Canada remains tops in this metric on all 3 social media

Nexalogy tracked over 126,000 tweets last week related to the Olympic teams of these countries. Not a huge number when you consider the magnitude of this event, or the fact that over 450 million people live in these 4 countries. Here’s where the tweets came from:

These percentages are roughly aligned with the proportion of each country’s population

The reason audiences are growing and engagement is stagnant at the moment, may be the following. The Olympics are coming, and that message is getting through all around the world in the form of news and promos. Therefore more and more people are following their country’s Olympic teams. However, despite that growth in audience, there are few if any significant new developments or events for these audiences to react to for the time being. We will continue to track this leading up to the games to determine whether or not this hypothesis holds.

Expect these numbers to jump significantly once the medals start getting handed out.

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