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by Kombucha du Mont-Ferreol


Kombucha du Mont-Ferréol (KMF) is a kombucha start-up based in Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges, Québec. We brew our kombucha in a workshop located in a sea buckthorn orchard at the bottom of a mountain called Mont-Ferréol. With such a quaint setup, our mission has always been to brew ‘boreal’ kombucha; we work exclusively with fruits harvested within a 150-kilometer radius of Mont-Ferréol, and we brew our kombucha with spring water and sea buckthorn leaves (rather than tea leaves). So a very local product, but with great ambition.

It’s that great ambition of ours that made us turn to Nexalogy in the very early stages of our business. We wanted to better understand our consumers to know how, when and where to find them in order to tailor our brand and marketing accordingly. And let’s just say Nexalogy’s tools and staff have been of tremendous help.

By far our preferred Nexalogy feature is the Lexical and Topic Maps, which helped us understand in such a straightforward way top and emerging themes related to kombucha. We don’t want to reveal too much here but this feature has allowed us to target our social media campaigns and other promotional events to critical audiences with a steep interest for kombucha. Okay, we’ll give you an example if you insist. The terms ‘yoga’ and ‘kombucha’ are strongly associated on Twitter. The same thing applies to ‘Oregon’; looks like there’s a big kombucha hype there.


Another Nexalogy tool we’ve greatly appreciated is the Top Actors. This feature has allowed us to identify not only top influencers but also their audiences. Quite frankly, we have underutilized this so far; just like any start-ups, top priorities first. But our Nexalogy projects are constantly crawling the web so we know the value of our Top Actors data sets is constantly expanding.


One last anecdotal example of the sort of things Nexalogy can do. Being in Canada, we’ve always expected kombucha to be more of a summer drink. So we had expected sales to go down during winter months. We just didn’t know what sort of fluctuations to expect. Long story short; between summer and winter months, there’s a pretty accurate correlation between variations in our sales and kombucha-related posts on social media!

Beyond those tools, the Nexalogy staff has been wonderful at helping us understand data sets, and especially what to do with them.

The Kombucha du Mont-Ferréol team

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