How agencies can monitor social media with NexaIntelligence

by Smaranda Tolosano

Best practices for advertising, marketing and public relations professionals

Getting new clients (and retaining old ones!) requires you to show you’re on top of the news in their field – whether it’s a big automobile manufacturer or the latest fashion brand, you’re there to show them you can help them make it on the market. That’s where a powerful social media discovery and monitoring tool like NexaIntelligence comes into play: our platform collects the data you need and helps you extract actionable insights in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it manually.

Most social media monitoring tools focus on key performance indicator (KPI) data, or owned metrics, which make it easier to reduce a marketing campaign or PR strategy to numbers, but what NexaIntelligence specializes in is the lexical and qualitative dimension of social media data e.g. semantic discovery. NexaIntelligence’s strength is precisely this: providing context for all the numbers in the spreadsheets. It gives you a way to conduct contextual analyses of data that would otherwise get drowned in the numbers.

Our system helps you conduct discovery-based analyses of online content – from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs and news sites – by using entirely customizable queries, filters and alerts. Because we know you’re busy with a million other things, our data analysts can also do the research for you, extract the conclusions that will help you in your decision-making, and send you the results at the frequency of your choosing. Choose a geographic area to monitor and the language in which your search will help to finetune your search; understanding the difference between owned metrics and conversation mining will take your campaign success to the next level.

The most customizable alert system yet

NexaIntelligence sends you alerts when your chosen users or keywords/hashtags are mentioned on Twitter or in the news, so you can monitor events before a crisis unfolds, track the progress of an advertising campaign, or see how your client’s brand and reputation is faring online where discussions are free-form and user-feedback is key to purchase decisions.

You can set your alert to e-mail you, your client, or whoever you want to keep updated of online activity mentioning, for example “Volkswagen.” Here, we’ve asked to receive a daily alert for the word volkswagen and for all tweets made by the official @volkswagen account. Our highly customizable alert system allows you to create alerts for geographic location, publishing time and date, mentions or activity from specific accounts, and more!

Discovering issues before they snowball into a public relations crisis

One of the biggest challenges expressed by our agency and PR clients is finding out about issues with a brand, person or product before they’ve garnered public attention and widespread criticism. The good news is, our tool’s speciality is the detection of emergent online controversies, needles of criticism in a haystack of online posts.

So, how does NexaIntelligence detect problems before you do? The key is its lexical map, which reveals sub-conversations surrounding the topic of analysis in the form of word clusters. Still don’t get it? It’s like bringing a magnet to search for the needle. Here’s how it looks and works:


The lexical map shows you what conversations are happening online based on the keywords or user names you searched for. In this case, we noticed the word “nazi” and decided to click on it to see the tweets using this word and how they related to Volkswagen. The window to the left allows you to easily see all the tweets mentioning the word, and to access those tweets by clicking on them. This way, you can easily find the source of any online buzz.


We continued our search and looked at the frequency of use of the words “lobby” and “threaten”, which suggested a potential negative conversation about Volkswagen. Again, by clicking on a word from the cluster, we open up the selection panel referencing all the tweets involved in this conversation.

Many more clusters mentioned potentially controversial topics that Volkswagen would want to be aware of – “lawsuit”, “fraud”, “security”, “accuse” notably appeared on the map and connected to inflammatory tweets about the car manufacturer. A few examples you can click on:

To better understand people’s opinions of Volkswagen, the Top Content tool is indispensable as it gives you a list of most shared links, which you can directly click on to access the original content when in NexaIntelligence.

Likewise, the Top Retweets feature allows you to see which tweets were shared the most and who wrote them in the first place. This can help monitor a growing crisis and keep track of influential Twitter users. When in NexaIntelligence, simply click on the tweet to access its original on Twitter.


The endless possibilities of geolocation for customer satisfaction

Our last highlight for agency and PR users is the Heat Map, which helps our clients keep track of where the conversation is happening. Sometimes, the location of a conversation is self-evident, but at times when it’s not, this gives you an edge by telling you about a location you hadn’t expected!

In this case, since we chose to look at worldwide tweets, we get a heat map showing where a sample of the tweets we collected were geolocated. If you’re wondering what people in India have said about Volkswagen now that you’ve seen chatter there, all you need to do is select India as a region in the map to see all relevant Tweets in the selection panel. If you prefer to see a full analysis of the posts by the system, you can create a filter for India as geolocation.

Here are examples of tweets coming out of India:

When an angry customer publicly and repeatedly complains about Volkswagen online, NexaIntelligence can trace the entire series of tweets and show you the exchange between the customer and company. Without NexaIntelligence’s algorithms to single out important content, something like this would be easy to miss. Because Mr. Bhatia’s tweets do not get a lot of attention from other users at the moment, a quantitative-focused metrics tool would have missed his series of tweets against Volkswagen. With conversation mining as your magnet, you can find these tweets, even when they’re a needle in a haystack.

This is why NexaIntelligence is a key tool for agencies and public relations professionals whose success depends on the ability to have a comprehensive and deep understanding of what’s happening on social media and how online discussions can affect their clients’ brand, name, or product sales. Whether it’s to discover a new market and drive sales based on people’s interests or to prevent a situation with an angry customer from becoming a larger issue, NexaIntelligence allows you to delve into conversations about your clients from a micro to macro level so you can generate actionable insights. It helps you stay alert of any new conversation trends that can affect their brand or products. You may think you know what is being discussed on social media, but until you check with the power of Nexalogy tech, you won’t be making data driven decisions, and that is a risk you might not want to take.

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