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Trying to keep up with your Twitter timeline can be a challenge if you follow more than a few hundred people.  It can be a pain point if you are managing a Twitter account following thousands of people. Listing hundreds of tweets can make you spend time trying to see the forest one tree at […]

Leadership in online influence scoring is becoming embattled territory as services in this area include Klout, Kred, Tweet Grader (by Hubspot), and Tweet Level. But one should note, all are driven by black box algorithms that vye for the title of industry  “gold standard” for anointing online influencers. This isn’t pure vanity either; knowing the level […]

Although there has been discussion about problems in the newspaper business for a decade or more, the volume has really ramped up in the past few months as the financial crisis has put a lot of sterling properties on their back foot. Claude was looking through an old issue of Monocle the other day and came […]

PRWire published a story yesterday about a new study that suggests that a vast majority of executives in large companies are actively concerned about their company’s online reputation. The study looks really interesting – and it’s certainly good news for Nexalogy, since this is one of our key service offerings. At the same time, however, from what […]

I ran across this cartoon in the Tobias Escher’s excellent blog at the Oxford Internet Institute: Besides the fact that it is funny and kinda true, does anything strike you? The date maybe? 2005! That’s right 2005! Maybe somebody should send this to Christie Blatchford the next time she decides to belittle bloggers and journalists […]

There are quite a few good resources to help you follow the online face of the current Canadian Federal election campaign, but probably the most comprehensive set of tools has been built by our friends* at the Infoscape Research Lab in Toronto, who have built a really interesting suite in partnership with the CBC’s Ormiston Online. My […]

Last month I was working with Zach Devereaux (you can read some of his academic work with the team at Ryerson’s Infoscape Media Lab on the blogosphere surounding the liberal leadership race), who pointed out an excellent blog post from the Oxford Internet Institute that characterises some of the problems we here at Exvisu have come across […]

One of the key questions we get when we present our services to potential clients is, “how many people really blog, though?” and, “Do people – ‘real’ people – really pay attention to blogs?” At Nexalogy we don’t make quantitative claims about the extent to which the blogosphere is representative – in our work, this […]

This morning, Claude and I went to a breakfast mini-conference hosted by the AMM-PCM (the Association marketing de Montréal) at the HEC: Les blogues d’entreprise en 3 temps. The conference was very well put together and considered three themes: business transparency, blogs and authenticity, and the risks associated with employee blogging. Sometimes events like these in […]

On my last trip to Paris I had lunch with Gilles Prigent, founder of Take Part Media and creator and administrator of Scitizen. Scitizen is a peer reviewed science news source: news edited and created directly by the scientists who make it, directed to well, everyone. The technology that allows Scitizen to work is brand new, but […]