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The global health crisis around opioids is most profound in the USA and Canada, and Health Canada has recently published research on this topic using Nexalogy technology. Health Canada wanted to explore the opioid crisis in Canada and used social media as a source of data to discover public conversations. Social media such as Twitter makes […]

Taming Chaos

by Nexalogy

image: ©Cross Duck Analyzing massive quantities of unstructured data always begins with determining a framework. This is the primary challenge of dealing with unstructured datasets. While certain metrics may be obvious and relatively easy to calculate, such as hashtag use or handle mentions in a corpus of tweets, raw text analysis is a daunting hurdle. Fortunately, […]

This paper was originally due to appear much earlier, but was just recently published by the graduate journal STREAM at SFU. To download the full article click here. Early research into Terrorism and News Media coverage showed in the 1990s the importance of terms like “guerrilla” to the inevitable link between Terrorist activities and news […]

Tips on planning your Social Media study. People often ask us how we make sense of all the data we have at our disposal. Though you don’t have to be a mathematician or even a data scientist to use our software, you can still benefit from a little advice from one of the greats. Pythagoraus […]

La semaine dernière, Nexalogie était invité à participer à un « Webinaire Start-Up » en compagnie de deux autres entreprises en démarrage montréalaises. Webinaire 11 décembre 2013 archinfo Le webinaire faisait partie d’un MOOC (Massive open online course) ayant pour thème l’économie du web, présenté par l’ENS de Lyon, l’Université de Montréal et l’ENSSIB. Il s’agit là d’un […]

Application Programming Interfaces used to be terminology that was reserved strictly for developers. Now APIs are sold online in API stores as commonly as apps in the Apple store.  In fact, companies that market APIs like Mashery and Layer7 have recently been bought by tech giants such as Intel and CA Technologies, because of the […]

Marina Yaburova, Fall intern 2013: Once, I came across the following statement: “As people live, they leave behind digital crumbs”. Until the beginning of my internship I was not able to fully understand the idea behind this statement. My internship  at Nexalogy has broadened my horizons and introduced me to a wide variety of content […]

Forrester research recently published a report that took Facebook to task as ‘failing social media marketers,’ basically arguing that Facebook is ‘too good to be true’ a good overview is here. These negative claims have been critiqued, for example quite strongly by Forbes who argued that the Forrester sample is simply too small to make […]

Announcing Nx.Api

by CG Theoret

NxAPI is launched! Social data is now everywhere. It’s on our phones, it’s in our emails, it’s on our online photo albums, it’s in the games we play, it’s on our TVs and it’s found on the e-commerce sites where we shop. It can also be the detail on a trouble ticket or the responses […]

The Power of a Tweet

by Will Eizlini

On Tuesday April 23, 2013  at 1:07pm the Associated Press Twitter account was hacked and the following tweet was posted : It was confirmed a minute later that in fact nothing out of the ordinary had occurred at the white house, and that president Barack Obama was fine. Yet,  in that one minute, the Dow […]