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My first week at Nexalogy kicked off strong with two days at Expo Entrepreneurs, Montreal’s annual startup convention. In the maze of Place Bonaventure, a ceremonious staircase led me to the exhibitions hall where I discovered, for the first time since moving to Montreal, the city’s large and energetic entrepreneurial community. Large banners hung from […]

Summary This case study illustrates how Nexalogy helped to discover ideal audiences for the promotion of the Bolo Program. Nexalogy enabled the BOLO Program to increase their social media conversion rate by targeting the audiences most likely to submit tips about at large individuals on the Canada’s  “most wanted” list. 1. Introduction There are thousands […]

An Olympic Champion at 16, Twitter Explodes When Penny Oleksiak Wins Gold in Rio At the time of writing, Canada had 8 medals so far at the Rio Olympics and young Penny is responsible foe exactly half of them… including the country’s only gold medal so far. She did it by breaking the Olympic record time […]

Tenor Remigio Pereira No Longer Performing With the Group After “Lone-Wolf” Political Statement During National Anthem. Remigio Pereira Holds an “All Lives Matter” sign during the Tenors’ performance of O Canada at the 2016 All-Star Game For those of you who aren’t sports fans… Baseball had it’s All-Star Game last night in San Diego. Just before the […]

Engagement and Audience Acquisition show Little Correlation Well, shut my mouth! Last week, we told you how awesome Canadians are because they are the most engaged country per capita on social media for the upcoming Olympic games in Brazil. (Among the countries we’re monitoring) As Canadians, we’re going to stick with our claim of awesomeness, […]

Last week we published our analysis of Twitter data pertaining to the brexit vote in the UK. I won’t say we called it… but the data we had definitely showed a slight advantage for the leave side. Having said that, we wanted to take a look at people’s reactions to the vote, and what’s happened […]

Here’s how things have played out since May 18 The fate of the European Union as we know it will be decided on Thursday when the British go to the polls to decide whether to withdraw from, or to remain part of the European family. It has been an increasingly bitter campaign, the tone more and […]

A Blend of Love and Hate has Surfaced Over the Last Few Days Following the worst mass shooting in US history last weekend, we decided to monitor the reactions on Twitter to this incredible tragedy. We expected to find people coming together, sending their thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims… and we did. […]

How Will They Impact You, the User Anyone who knows Nexalogy probably knows that we are huge Twitter fans. We love the immediacy of tweets, and the way it’s so easy to spread a viral message through Twitter. Whatever drawbacks it may have, to this day that capability is unparalleled elsewhere. Over the years Twitter has […]

We Analyzed This Week’s Tweets to See Who Has More Support… Here’s What we found: Game 6 could be the end of the line for the Toronto Raptors. Their magical run has led them to the conference finals for the first time in franchise history. But the Cavaliers have proven to be a formidable opponent for […]