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Tenor Remigio Pereira No Longer Performing With the Group After “Lone-Wolf” Political Statement During National Anthem. Remigio Pereira Holds an “All Lives Matter” sign during the Tenors’ performance of O Canada at the 2016 All-Star Game For those of you who aren’t sports fans… Baseball had it’s All-Star Game last night in San Diego. Just before the […]

Social media stats on different countries On August 5, one month from today, the Olympic games will begin with the opening ceremony at the legendary Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This will be the first Olympics in South America. Estádio do Maracanã has been refurbished for the 2016 Summer Games There have been reports […]

Last week we published our analysis of Twitter data pertaining to the brexit vote in the UK. I won’t say we called it… but the data we had definitely showed a slight advantage for the leave side. Having said that, we wanted to take a look at people’s reactions to the vote, and what’s happened […]

Here’s how things have played out since May 18 The fate of the European Union as we know it will be decided on Thursday when the British go to the polls to decide whether to withdraw from, or to remain part of the European family. It has been an increasingly bitter campaign, the tone more and […]

The Social Conversation Around the Anniversary Covers Women’s Issues, Digital Technology and more… Last month, a 40-day countdown began that will end on June 21, 2016. On that day, the OECD will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of its Declaration on Multinational Enterprises. Once we began observing the conversation around this event on social media, we saw […]

As day two of C2 Montreal draws to a close acclaimed ALT media outlet Vice occupies both the first and second spots when it comes to number of interactions on Twitter today: Suroosh Alvi is the founder of Vice Media Incredibly, 4 of the top 5 most re-tweeted posts about #C2M16 on Twitter on day 2 […]

C2, the annual conference on Commerce and Creativity got underway Tuesday in Montreal. Over the years this event has continually brought together leaders in business, entertainment, art and more to share their thinking and help foster innovation at a global level. On day 1 of this year’s event, we decided to take a look at […]

For several days now we’ve seen shocking and disturbing scenes on our screens: people picking up and fleeing their homes, great columns of fire blocking their path… leaving everything behind in order to survive. Perhaps even more shocking is that this isn’t a war zone in a distant land, but a town in Canada called […]