Category: Social Media Trends

The Power of a Tweet

by Will Eizlini

On Tuesday April 23, 2013  at 1:07pm the Associated Press Twitter account was hacked and the following tweet was posted : It was confirmed a minute later that in fact nothing out of the ordinary had occurred at the white house, and that president Barack Obama was fine. Yet,  in that one minute, the Dow […]

At the height of the Cold War, I was a 15-year-old farm boy and I was half convinced that we were heading for a scenario straight out of “The Day After”  or, at best, a “Red Dawn”. The Russians were kicking our ass at hockey and, according to my back-of-the-envelope calculations, our farm was in […]

Leadership in online influence scoring is becoming embattled territory as services in this area include Klout, Kred, Tweet Grader (by Hubspot), and Tweet Level. But one should note, all are driven by black box algorithms that vye for the title of industry  “gold standard” for anointing online influencers. This isn’t pure vanity either; knowing the level […]

I never thought I would actually say that I missed reading scientific papers.  It was one of my least favorite tasks as an astrophysicist, right after grant writing, and paper editing.  But since the social media data revolution I can’t help but gleam at the luscious titles flying by in my RSS feed from the Physics and […]