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My first week at Nexalogy kicked off strong with two days at Expo Entrepreneurs, Montreal’s annual startup convention. In the maze of Place Bonaventure, a ceremonious staircase led me to the exhibitions hall where I discovered, for the first time since moving to Montreal, the city’s large and energetic entrepreneurial community. Large banners hung from […]

Summary This case study illustrates how Nexalogy helped to discover ideal audiences for the promotion of the Bolo Program. Nexalogy enabled the BOLO Program to increase their social media conversion rate by targeting the audiences most likely to submit tips about at large individuals on the Canada’s  “most wanted” list. 1. Introduction There are thousands […]

We’ve been busy as bees adding some nifty new features to our NexaMaster platform lately. Not an actual picture of our developers. We don’t let them go outside. Demographics By working with Macromeasures, we’ve successfully integrated demographics and other goodies into our system. In all Twitter and Gnip projects regardless of language, you will find the […]

The shooting of a young African-American man, Michael Brown, happened just over a year ago on August 11, 2014 and Ferguson residents commemorated the one-year anniversary last week with vigils, rallies, and protests. American cities such as New York, Baltimore, Arlington continue to be besieged by racially-motivated violence which have been followed by protests this year […]

Maclean’s will be hosting the National Leaders Debate featuring the leaders of Canada’s major party leaders tonight at 8PM ET. This event is notable as it is the only English-language debate featuring the leaders of the Conservative, New Democratic, Liberal and Green parties. The Conservatives have stated Stephen Harper will not take part in the […]

Have you ever wondered how social media can be studied? To get a good idea check out the paper below by York and JMI university professors that used the NexaMaster platform to collect and analyze over 40,000 Tweets about the most recent election in India, the world’s largest democracy. Their paper is titled: Report on […]

Alberta’s election results this year took everyone by surprise – even the pollsters who predicted them. To their great relief, the seemingly unlikely forecast that the NDP would topple the Conservatives’ 43-year reign turned out to be absolutely spot on. Given the uncertainty of the outcome and the polls’ previously shaky track record in the […]

Even before C2MTL started, Cindy Gallop made her presence felt. Gallop is the founder of Make Love Not Porn. She’s an engaged and savvy social media user, and a great speaker. All of those reasons, among others, led her to be one of the main stage speakers at C2MTL, a unique and remarkable annual business […]

As the old saying goes, sometimes people miss the forest for the trees. It means they’re too focused on a small aspect and miss the bigger picture. When it comes to analyzing social media, however, the only way to gain true insights is to examine the forest and the trees. You need to recognize the […]

Nexalogy offers two free ways for you to analyze the concepts, tweets, hashtags, links and people driving the conversation: 1. Our HootSuite app is consistently one of the most popular free apps in the HootSuite App Store. The NexaMe stream in the app offers a visual way to gain insights about the topics and people […]