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Kombucha du Mont-Ferréol (KMF) is a kombucha start-up based in Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges, Québec. We brew our kombucha in a workshop located in a sea buckthorn orchard at the bottom of a mountain called Mont-Ferréol. With such a quaint setup, our mission has always been to brew ‘boreal’ kombucha; we work exclusively with fruits harvested within a […]

We’ve been busy as bees adding some nifty new features to our NexaMaster platform lately. Not an actual picture of our developers. We don’t let them go outside. Demographics By working with Macromeasures, we’ve successfully integrated demographics and other goodies into our system. In all Twitter and Gnip projects regardless of language, you will find the […]

As of April 30, 2015, Facebook will be turning off access that allows companies like ours to extract public posts to their network (Details here). With 1.39 billion monthly users, Facebook has become the world’s largest record of human thought, but, in reality, Facebook’s Privacy and Sharing model means that less than 5% of all posts published to Facebook are publicly available and […]

Montreal – Nexalogy Environics announces today the official launch of NexaLove, a website devoted to bringing individuals of high tweet compatibility together to form life-long relationships. NexaLove used fellow Montreal-based Mate1‘s matching questions* in conjunction with NxAPI to develop search queries and build semantic filters in order to match tweeters based on the content they tweet. Company officials are […]

Twitter hashtags and other searches can move quickly, making it hard to see the bigger picture. This is especially true with conferences, events, news stories and other fast moving topics. People want to understand the overall trends and insights, rather than stare at the infinite scroll. That’s why we built NexaLive, which is available today. […]

Nexalogy CEO Claude Théoret said his transition from a physicist to entrepreneur means he’s gone from dealing with “colossal amounts of astronomical data to processing an astronomical amount of social data.” Théoret, a PhD. and founding member of McGill University’s astronomy department, was the speaker at last night’s Startup Grind event. He talked about his experience as an […]

Nexalogy in La Presse

by arobinson

Today Nexalogy’s Hootsuite integrated applications “Nexalogy Search” and “NexaMe” were featured in the La Presse as application of the week in the Technology section. We’re super happy to be featured, so to read the article click here. As the article correctly points out, more and more companies are becoming tuned in to social media and […]

Trying to keep up with your Twitter timeline can be a challenge if you follow more than a few hundred people.  It can be a pain point if you are managing a Twitter account following thousands of people. Listing hundreds of tweets can make you spend time trying to see the forest one tree at […]

Think smart? We do! Nexalogy’s software solutions have been developed with the Academic community in mind. “Making Sense of the Conversation Concerning Sleep Apnea on the Internet” a study that Nexalogy collaborated on with McGill University, Mount Sinai Hospital and ORSMedical, illustrates how Nexalogy’s solutions can be effectively used in research. Contact us for more […]

We’ve had a pretty active couple of weeks, the highlight of which has to be attending CIX on Dec 1 at MaRS. Nexalogy was selected to participate as one of the top twenty innovative startups at CIX. There were great presentations of startups to a room packed with VCs. In spite of a a technical […]