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What could Catholic nuns and FEMEN protestors possibly agree on? As it turns out, denouncing sex tourism at Montreal’s annual Grand Prix, though methods may vary. It isn’t the first time the Grand Prix has been decried for the increase in sex work that accompanies it every year, nor that FEMEN stages a protest in Montreal around this issue. […]

Last week, Nexalogy had the pleasure of helping bring Big Data Week to Montreal for the second time, in conjunction with MTL DATA, an organization for professionals of all domains who want to solve problems using data. The Montreal community came together in full force, and were blown away with the support in terms of partners, sponsors, […]

As of April 30, 2015, Facebook will be turning off access that allows companies like ours to extract public posts to their network (Details here). With 1.39 billion monthly users, Facebook has become the world’s largest record of human thought, but, in reality, Facebook’s Privacy and Sharing model means that less than 5% of all posts published to Facebook are publicly available and […]

I vaguely remember an evening 2007 in a bar on the plateau where Michael Boyle and I met with Patrick Tanguay and Daniel Mireault. We looked at floor plans and discussed synergy and had what I remember as potentially too many beers.  A few months later the floor plans were now a reality, StationC was […]

Claude spoke at TedxMcGill on November 12, 2011 and the video is now live for your holiday viewing pleasure. Sit back and let Claude entertain you with a shocking tale of the challenge social data presents for those of us who make our living from making sense of the web. It was held at the […]

We consider ourselves pretty lucky to have been an early tester for Fabric Engine’s new server product and felt their use case to be very compelling. As startups often find themselves working to build out fast with the tools available, speed and performance can take a back seat. When it then comes time to scale, […]

The Startup Weekend concept is a simple one: get a bunch of geeks into a room for a 54 hour sprint of pitching, team forming and MVP building. Started by Andrew Hyde, the fledgling movement has since gone global under the stewardship of Marc Nager and his band of merry men and women. The aim? To […]

The Nexalogy team is at Webcom today so please make sure to drop by and check out our booth in the lobby. You can’t miss us! We’ve got two microsites going for this event. One for the event as a whole – check out the #webcom microsite here! The other one is for the Open […]

  Not Mars the planet! MaRS Discovery District, the Toronto-based incubator for science, technology and social entrepreneurship plays host to CIX this December 1, 2011. Nexalogy is proud to have placed in the top 20 Canadian companies for The Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX). We’ll be heading to Toronto to represent Montreal startups alongside Recoset, Vanilla […]

I can’t believe only a week ago, I was putting the last touches on the microsite we put together for the demo table at the International Startup Fest. I was looking forwarding to seeing my friends as well as meeting new ones from around the world. From the utterly unique venue of the Alexandra Pier, […]