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On June 30th, 2012, in order to keep the time of day close to the mean solar time, a second was inserted into our calendars.  So here in Montreal, clocks showed 19:59:59, then 19:59:60, then 20:00:00. You might guess that a leap second can disturb the highly-dependant-on-time computing world, something like Y2K. You would be […]

Do you have a big data set you’ve been wanting to analyse? We can help. Nexalogy is pleased to announce that we have developed a JSON API for our clients. Based on popular demand, we are releasing the API which will allow you to input data into our system. We have developed a generic system […]

We consider ourselves pretty lucky to have been an early tester for Fabric Engine’s new server product and felt their use case to be very compelling. As startups often find themselves working to build out fast with the tools available, speed and performance can take a back seat. When it then comes time to scale, […]