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Summary This case study illustrates how Nexalogy helped to discover ideal audiences for the promotion of the Bolo Program. Nexalogy enabled the BOLO Program to increase their social media conversion rate by targeting the audiences most likely to submit tips about at large individuals on the Canada’s  “most wanted” list. 1. Introduction There are thousands […]

Not among the 170,000 who made it to Dreamforce this year? We weren’t either, but we wanted to be kept in the loop of one of the biggest tech events of the year. We used our own analytics tool NexaMaster to monitor what people were talking about on Twitter, and thought we would share the highlights: For those new […]

The shooting of a young African-American man, Michael Brown, happened just over a year ago on August 11, 2014 and Ferguson residents commemorated the one-year anniversary last week with vigils, rallies, and protests. American cities such as New York, Baltimore, Arlington continue to be besieged by racially-motivated violence which have been followed by protests this year […]

Maclean’s will be hosting the National Leaders Debate featuring the leaders of Canada’s major party leaders tonight at 8PM ET. This event is notable as it is the only English-language debate featuring the leaders of the Conservative, New Democratic, Liberal and Green parties. The Conservatives have stated Stephen Harper will not take part in the […]

#austerity and HIV

by Will Eizlini

I’ve been following news and opinion pieces concerning the economics of austerity. It so happened that yesterday was May Day and some large demonstrations concerning austerity took place. Today I logged into Hootsuite and on the Nexalogy Search app, I searched for #austerity. I was a bit surprised by today’s result. #greece, #europe — no […]

The Startup Weekend concept is a simple one: get a bunch of geeks into a room for a 54 hour sprint of pitching, team forming and MVP building. Started by Andrew Hyde, the fledgling movement has since gone global under the stewardship of Marc Nager and his band of merry men and women. The aim? To […]

An analysis of the reactions in Twitter to the launch of the Apple iPad.

Swine Flu & Twitter

by Naomi Goldapple

Is Twitter a useful source of information about serious issues? This study shows that it is an impressive channel for up-to-the-minute information and opinion.

Give Something Big

by Naomi Goldapple

A demonstration of how Nexalogy Environics’ approach to social media intelligence can help with brand and product strategy.

Ready for MIGS!

by Naomi Goldapple

An analysis of the discussion related to EA’s Army of Two cooperative game.