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Data is Increasingly Important to Making Better Decisions and Growing Margins. Big Data has been a hot topic for years now, and it continues to grow as more and more business decisions are made using it. Terms like metadata were seldom heard before 2010, particularly in a product or marketing department. But the digitization of commerce […]

CreativeMornings is a fast growing global community that organizes monthly lectures aimed at the creative community. Each month, volunteer organizers in 99 cities around the world select a local speaker that fits with a common theme. The goal is to ”celebrate a city’s creative talent” and to “promote an open space to connect with like-minded […]

Tips on planning your Social Media study. People often ask us how we make sense of all the data we have at our disposal. Though you don’t have to be a mathematician or even a data scientist to use our software, you can still benefit from a little advice from one of the greats. Pythagoraus […]