Category: Client Case Studies

Summary This case study illustrates how Nexalogy helped to discover ideal audiences for the promotion of the Bolo Program. Nexalogy enabled the BOLO Program to increase their social media conversion rate by targeting the audiences most likely to submit tips about at large individuals on the Canada’s  “most wanted” list. 1. Introduction There are thousands […]

Have you ever wondered how social media can be studied? To get a good idea check out the paper below by York and JMI university professors that used the NexaMaster platform to collect and analyze over 40,000 Tweets about the most recent election in India, the world’s largest democracy. Their paper is titled: Report on […]

As the old saying goes, sometimes people miss the forest for the trees. It means they’re too focused on a small aspect and miss the bigger picture. When it comes to analyzing social media, however, the only way to gain true insights is to examine the forest and the trees. You need to recognize the […]

The Startup Weekend concept is a simple one: get a bunch of geeks into a room for a 54 hour sprint of pitching, team forming and MVP building. Started by Andrew Hyde, the fledgling movement has since gone global under the stewardship of Marc Nager and his band of merry men and women. The aim? To […]

The Nexalogy team is at Webcom today so please make sure to drop by and check out our booth in the lobby. You can’t miss us! We’ve got two microsites going for this event. One for the event as a whole – check out the #webcom microsite here! The other one is for the Open […]