Month: May 2016

We Analyzed This Week’s Tweets to See Who Has More Support… Here’s What we found: Game 6 could be the end of the line for the Toronto Raptors. Their magical run has led them to the conference finals for the first time in franchise history. But the Cavaliers have proven to be a formidable opponent for […]

The 3rd and final day of #C2M16 is drawing to a close, and once again it has been a great success. Relationships have been established, ideas expressed and experiences shared. But you’re not following this blog to read about what you’ve just experienced, are you? So, let’s get on with it… here’s the data from […]

As day two of C2 Montreal draws to a close acclaimed ALT media outlet Vice occupies both the first and second spots when it comes to number of interactions on Twitter today: Suroosh Alvi is the founder of Vice Media Incredibly, 4 of the top 5 most re-tweeted posts about #C2M16 on Twitter on day 2 […]

C2, the annual conference on Commerce and Creativity got underway Tuesday in Montreal. Over the years this event has continually brought together leaders in business, entertainment, art and more to share their thinking and help foster innovation at a global level. On day 1 of this year’s event, we decided to take a look at […]

Uber is amazing, in so many ways. In 7 years it has gone from 2 guys scrambling to start a business to an international transportation behemoth with over $9 billion in funding and a valuation approaching $70 billion. Their business model is innovative and embraces today’s technology, and they are adding new services all the […]

The Toronto Raptors will begin the eastern conference final this week in Cleveland, against LeBron James and the Cavaliers. It is the first time in the 3rd round of the playoffs for Canada’s only remaining NBA team, in their 21st season in the league. On Sunday, Toronto made franchise history by beating the Miami Heat […]

For several days now we’ve seen shocking and disturbing scenes on our screens: people picking up and fleeing their homes, great columns of fire blocking their path… leaving everything behind in order to survive. Perhaps even more shocking is that this isn’t a war zone in a distant land, but a town in Canada called […]