Month: September 2012

Google has launched a new, highly relevant capability. Google search now supports the Bacon Number for actors, based on building a small world social network, probably from spidering IMDb or the like. If you type in, for example, ‘bacon number laurence olivier’ you will see this:

Padraig Mac Carron and Ralph Kenna apply social network analysis to old texts — like The Iliad and Beowolf — to see if the relationships between the characters is like real social snetwork. If they are, that lends support for the premise that these tales are about real people, not just some shadows cast on the […]

Machines Are People, Too

by Naomi Goldapple

Imagine a not-too-distant future where machinery — servers, refrigerators, nuclear reactors — are on line, and following each other. They could respond to messages in programmatic ways, and we could use social media analysis tools to discover the ‘sentiment’ of subways and elevators.  Bruce Sterling called these messaging machines ‘spimes’ (although his concept went a […]