Month: August 2012

As hurricane Isaac batters New Orleans, seven years after Katrina, it’s worthwhile to ask a few questions about recovery after disasters, specifically why some places never seem to bounce back from disaster. And New Orleans has never really bounced back from Katrina. New Orleans has the highest per capita murder rate in the US, and […]

Megan Garber at The Atlantic caught my attention with a post about Twitter and the use of swearing: We know, at this point, how the nation tweets. But what about how the nation swears? The Ukrainian-based web development firm Vertaline, aiming to answer that question, scanned tweets posted from across 462 specific locations in the U.S. The team then […]

New research suggests that people with suicidal tendencies don’t differ from others just because they think about suicidal acts, but because they are not embedded in social ‘neighborhoods’ where their online contacts know each other. It appears that they are isolated in their social graphs: Spotting Suicidal Tendencies on Social Networks via MIT Technology Review […]

Ostracism is community

by CG Theoret

Ok “Ostracism is Community”  sounds very Orwellian.  It could very well be a mantra for a dictatorship based on isolating people or one of the lines from The Sphinx in Mystery Men. But there is something to this mantra.  The story starts with Stowe, as many stories do.  In our discussions he had brought up […]