Month: April 2012

One thing we can learn from even a casual inspection of the science of networks is the limits of our everyday understanding of people. For example, consider how much time and energy social metrics companies are spending convincing us that they can find those with the highest levels of influence (‘influencers’) relative to a market […]

Valdis Krebs makes an interesting supposition. He wonders if Amazon might launch a new social network based on the connections we have through books? If I have commented on David Weinberger’s new book, Too Big To Know, that could connect me with others who have read and commented on it. Below is a network map(via […]

The city is a built environment, and has been designed by our actions and behaviors. I grew up in Boston, where there is a perplexing layout in the oldest sections of town, with the apocryphal rationale is that the streets were paved over the wanderings of cows and drunken sailors. There are cognitive universals in […]

Do you have a big data set you’ve been wanting to analyse? We can help. Nexalogy is pleased to announce that we have developed a JSON API for our clients. Based on popular demand, we are releasing the API which will allow you to input data into our system. We have developed a generic system […]

As just one of the fascinating results of recent research into social networks is the fact that happiness (and sadness) spread through social networks like headcolds. We are influencing — and influenced by — people up to three connections away from us in our social networks. Social Networks And Happiness, Nicholas A. Christakis & James […]