Month: February 2009

Exvisu dans La Presse

by Naomi Goldapple

Le titulaire de la Chaire de commerce électronique RBC Groupe Financier aux HEC, Sylvain Sénécal, a mentionné Exvisu dans un article publié ce matin dans La Presse. Intitulé “La prise de pouvoir des consommateurs“, cet article insiste sur l’importance, pour une entreprise, d’être à l’écoute des consommateurs qui s’expriment sur le Web: “la prise de […]

It was a pleasure to learn this morning that our own Caroline Allard was selected as one of most influential web personalities in Quebec by a panel on Christiane Charette‘s show that included Michelle Blanc, Bruno Guglielminetti and Dominic Arpin – each of whom is influential in his/her own right. Caroline was also mentioned in both Michelle’s and Bruno’s personal […]

PRWire published a story yesterday about a new study that suggests that a vast majority of executives in large companies are actively concerned about their company’s online reputation. The study looks really interesting – and it’s certainly good news for Nexalogy, since this is one of our key service offerings. At the same time, however, from what […]

I ran across this cartoon in the Tobias Escher’s excellent blog at the Oxford Internet Institute: Besides the fact that it is funny and kinda true, does anything strike you? The date maybe? 2005! That’s right 2005! Maybe somebody should send this to Christie Blatchford the next time she decides to belittle bloggers and journalists […]