Month: September 2008

There’s a great article in the Globe today about Radian6: Starting at the top. Radian6 is a Fredericton NB startup that provides advanced blog monitoring services. Nexalogy uses other data sources to do our primary analysis work, but Radian6 is a very nice compliment to what we do, and we’re happy to be able to use such […]

There are quite a few good resources to help you follow the online face of the current Canadian Federal election campaign, but probably the most comprehensive set of tools has been built by our friends* at the Infoscape Research Lab in Toronto, who have built a really interesting suite in partnership with the CBC’s Ormiston Online. My […]

With the US Political Convention season in full swing, we thought we’d present a short demonstration of how Nexalogy’s blogosphere analysis can shed light on the discourse related to political campaigns, candidates, and issues. In mid-July, we performed an analysis of the English blogosphere related to the upcoming US Presidential election. We focused specifically on […]