Month: May 2008

One of the key questions we get when we present our services to potential clients is, “how many people really blog, though?” and, “Do people – ‘real’ people – really pay attention to blogs?” At Nexalogy we don’t make quantitative claims about the extent to which the blogosphere is representative – in our work, this […]

Here are some impressions I had related to the talks I saw at Webcom Montreal 2008: Early in the day I listened to Andrew McAfee‘s talk about Web 2.0 in the enterprise. He laid out the case for the Enterprise 2.0 very clearly, emphasizing the importance of weak ties in the pursuit of individual knowledge workers’ […]

Claude and I spent a great day yesterday at Webcom Montréal 2008. The program chair for Webcom Montreal is Claude Malaison, and as usual he put together a very good event with a schedule packed full of interesting keynotes and well-chosen conference sessions. There are too many people we met to single them all out in […]

Last week, Chris Scott, a friend and an excellent Drupal and Ruby on Rails developer, ( sent me this link. I have been constantly using it ever since. Summize Labs has come up with a real-time twitter sentiment mapper and overall evaluator. It is pretty simple: you type in a word or a person, and […]