Month: March 2008

The March issue of National Geographic Magazine’s feature on Megaprojects in Iceland has some stunning photos of the immense dam built to supply Alcoa’s new aluminun smelter near the NorthEastern town of Reydarfjordur. The story focuses on the debate raging around aluminum, industrial development, hydro power dams and jobs in this small island nation. Not […]

Dans La Presse de ce matin, on peut lire un article sur l’importance que les patrons devraient accorder à l’information qui circule sur leur entreprise via des sites de réseautage social, comme Facebook. L’article met l’emphase sur l’intérêt de connaître les propos que peuvent tenir certains employés au sujet de leur entreprise sur le Web. Nous ajouterions qu’être […]

Alcan and Alcoa in Iceland is our blog based network intelligence mini-study of the sustainability debate surrounding the aluminum industry’s role in that small country. This study has been featured in the latest online issue of Corporate Knights magazine. I especially like Prof. David Wheeler‘s ANT-like approach to corporate structure: Think of the modern corporation less as […]