Month: November 2007

Visualizing data

by Naomi Goldapple

One of my preoccupations since joining Nexalogy has been how to use visual representations of data to provide valid and easy-to-explain recommendations to help our clients make strategic decisions. The most important element must always be the validity of the presentation of the data itself – eye candy that isn’t accurate is misleading – but […]

My friend Tomek, a visual interface designer par excellence (, introduced me to this site a few weeks ago… it floored me with its insight and its visual display. It is similar in principal to our lexical text mapping tool here at Nexalogy. What WeFeelFine lacks in flexibility and depth (we check word correlations for all words […]


by Naomi Goldapple

The core of the work we do at Nexalogy is using network analysis tools to draw out interesting and (often) hidden relationships between concepts. There are a lot of companies doing similar work in different ways, including TextMap, which bills itself as “The Entity Search Engine”. Lots of great information there!

Red Bull at Webcom

by CG Theoret

Nexalogy unveiled its latest brand study at Webcom Montréal last week. Webcom was exciting to say the least, one could feel rise of the participative web in the conference halls. For a good summary of the Webcom conference check out Benoit Marcoux’s: blog. We (Nexalogy and K3) looked at a day in the life of […]