Best practices for advertising, marketing and public relations professionals Getting new clients (and retaining old ones!) requires you to show you’re on top of the news in their field – whether it’s a big automobile manufacturer or the latest fashion brand, you’re there to show them you can help them make it on the market. […]

Decathlon briefly posted a Kalenji hijab for sale on its website En français After the “burkini” ban controversy, France is yet again divided on the question of Muslim veils: this debate revolves around a sports hijab for sale at Decathlon, the go-to sports store for the entire country. The brand has since promptly removed its […]

  Anti-vaccine propaganda is a growing issue for all social media platforms, stirring debate over their responsibility to monitor misinformation posts, especially on Facebook and Google. Some, like Pinterest, have chosen to outright block access to any content of the sort, but Twitter remains a target of anti-vaccine propaganda to this day, which is why […]

  Making sense of politics on Twitter with NexaIntelligence You may have seen the videos of TSA agents playing uncensored versions of explicit rap songs at U.S. customs, or heard about singer Cardi B’s (also explicit) videos criticizing the American government shutdown on social media, but if you want to know what the rest of the […]

My first week at Nexalogy kicked off strong with two days at Expo Entrepreneurs, Montreal’s annual startup convention. In the maze of Place Bonaventure, a ceremonious staircase led me to the exhibitions hall where I discovered, for the first time since moving to Montreal, the city’s large and energetic entrepreneurial community. Large banners hung from […]

The global health crisis around opioids is most profound in the USA and Canada, and Health Canada has recently published research on this topic using Nexalogy technology. Health Canada wanted to explore the opioid crisis in Canada and used social media as a source of data to discover public conversations. Social media such as Twitter makes […]

Summary This case study illustrates how Nexalogy helped to discover ideal audiences for the promotion of the Bolo Program. Nexalogy enabled the BOLO Program to increase their social media conversion rate by targeting the audiences most likely to submit tips about at large individuals on the Canada’s  “most wanted” list. 1. Introduction There are thousands […]


Kombucha du Mont-Ferréol (KMF) est une entreprise en démarrage spécialisée dans la production de kombucha basée à Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges, au Québec. On brasse notre kombucha dans un atelier situé dans un verger d’argousier au pied d’une montage appelée le Mont-Ferréol. Avec une histoire aussi pittoresque, notre mission a toujours été de brasser un kombucha « boréal »; on […]


Kombucha du Mont-Ferréol (KMF) is a kombucha start-up based in Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges, Québec. We brew our kombucha in a workshop located in a sea buckthorn orchard at the bottom of a mountain called Mont-Ferréol. With such a quaint setup, our mission has always been to brew ‘boreal’ kombucha; we work exclusively with fruits harvested within a […]

An Olympic Champion at 16, Twitter Explodes When Penny Oleksiak Wins Gold in Rio At the time of writing, Canada had 8 medals so far at the Rio Olympics and young Penny is responsible foe exactly half of them… including the country’s only gold medal so far. She did it by breaking the Olympic record time […]