Our Roots

An astrophysicist discovered that the best way to study black holes is to examine how stars interact with each other. He created algorithms to map relationships between the stars and gain a fresh understanding of the universe.

In 2006, Nexalogy began to apply the same algorithms to analyze connections between words and the people who write them throughout the social Web. Nexalogy is the result. Instead of black holes, we reveal undiscovered risks, opportunities, and hidden intelligence.

We make sense of the ever-expanding universe of social data to enable companies to make smart decisions — and to see their world in new ways.

Our Team

We have some really smart people on our team, and we mean really really smart – pioneers in the industry.

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    Marshall Gunter


    Marshall is responsible for the engineering
    teams and architecture that power Nexalogy's
    advanced artificial intelligence tools. With over a
    decade of executive engineering leadership
    experience, Marshall has lead engineering teams
    both large and small to drive and build great
    ideas into successful products. Marshall's
    engineering background is rooted in big data
    analysis. He has personally architected systems
    for both breadth and depth of data ingestion
    and throughput, processing billions of data
    points a day across hundreds of terabytes of
    footprint. Marshall will ensure the Nexalogy
    engineering department will continue to deliver the high-quality artificial intelligence products demanded by Nexalogy's clients.

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    Krista Smyth

    Operations and HR Manager

    Krista has counted beans for a number of Montreal
    start-ups over the last decade. There is no shoebox
    full of receipts, no stack of invoices, no bundle of tax
    notices big enough to resist her organizational skills.
    She has a balanced skill set of both administration
    and accounting and thrives in an everybody-pitch-in
    entrepreneurial environment. When not keeping the
    office running smoothly, she’s kicking up dried leaves
    and visiting art galleries.

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    Zachary Devereaux

    Director of Public Sector Services

    Zach has been researching social media and its
    impact on business, politics, and national security
    since 2010. Zach won a Gemini Citation of
    Recognition with the Infoscape Lab at Ryerson
    University for putting Twitter, YouTube, and Blogs on
    CBC news during Canada Votes 2008 coverage and
    worked in automotive related social media analytics
    and analysis for 5 years. Zach is a Francophile, sports
    fan, and dedicated husband and father.

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    Mirela Thoni

    CSA and Data Analyst

    Mirela’s position as a Customer Success Agent on the
    services team allows her to make use of her skills in
    customer service, management and her background in
    training. Her proficiency on our Social Media Analysis
    tools makes her a key contributor on projects for our
    marquee clients. Mirela also heads up the software
    training for all of our new and prospective clients. She
    has considerable experience animating and developing
    curriculum for both private and group training sessions
    in the corporate and educational sectors. In her spare
    time, Mirela enjoys cooking and strolling through

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    Alexandru Cezar-Mihai

    Lead Developer

    Alexandru is a full stack developer. He has graduated McGill University with a degree in Software Engineering and some of his personal projects include iPhone apps, homebrewing, home renovation and fixing cars.

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    Maxime Martineau

    Lead Architect

    Max is one of a kind. Having learnt coding paradigm
    from a techno-shaman, he developed the agility and
    the resourcefulness required to be a quick and
    intense developer. Multi-disciplined, he knows a
    variety of languages and tools of the trade, some
    more bleeding-edge than others! He is open and
    enthusiastic about new technologies and always
    tries to figure out new and better approaches to
    problem solving. This virtual adept is a fan of
    gaming (be it computer gaming or role-playing) and
    programming even in his spare time.

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    Akiva Bacovcin

    Senior NLP Researcher

    Akiva's primary job is to improve the way Nexalogy's
    software interacts with human language. Before
    Nexalogy, he studied Linguistics at the University of
    Pennsylvania, looking at how language is
    implemented in the human mind and how it varies
    across time and space. In an earlier part of his life,
    he used to photograph and translate clay tablets
    written over 3000 years ago.

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    Louis Lapierre

    Senior Developer

    Louis works on the backend: he creates new data
    source and applications but also repairs and optimizes
    the data processing. He’s been programming since he’s
    11 years old and created his first video game at 12
    years old. His first database was at 13 years old; it
    would be faster to tell you which language he never
    used, than enumerate the one he uses. On the
    weekday night, he dances Lindy hop, and on the
    weekend, he watches the starts or marvel about the
    vastness of space.

  • https://nexalogy.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/stf.jpg

    Stefany Bedoya


    Stefany completed her MSc at the University of
    Québec in 2017 on the topic of signal analysis,
    pattern recognition and machine learning. During her
    studies, she developed in collaboration with
    Toronto's SickKids hospital an automatic autism
    detection system for babies using pre-vocalizations.
    She also has implemented different machine learning
    algorithms for speech detection and human postural
    recognition systems using smartphones. In 2018, she
    joined Nexalogy to help with the development and
    design of Deep Natural Language Processing
    pipelines. She loves doing Crossfit and facing new

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    Will Eizlini


    Will began working at Nexalogy in late 2012 specifically to help design and execute the exposition of Nexalogy’s core technology into a REST API. He specializes in systems that generate self-testing / self-documenting API endpoints. He also uses his design and Ui-Ux skills for developing front HTML5 apps which use Nexalogy’s API. Will has worked since 1997 on all aspects of web development, having had extensive work as an integrator and back end programmer since the wild west days of the early browser wars. When not working on code, Will spends most of his free time with his other passion, as a musician and composer.

  • https://nexalogy.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/sam.jpg

    Sam Vipond

    Front-end Developer

    Sam's job at Nexalogy is to turn data into interesting graphs, so that users can see dynamic
    visualizations of the data returned from their search results. He also makes sure the various buttons around the website continue to behave as
    they should. Outside of Nexalogy, he enjoys playing and collecting music of all kinds, and
    experimenting in the kitchen.

  • https://nexalogy.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/pat.jpg

    Patrice Levesque

    System Administrator

    Legend says Patrice has mineral origins; for years
    now, he’s been dealing with server farms, keeping
    wolves away and babysitting herds that cry in the
    night. At Nexalogy he wears suede sysadmin
    overalls, handling virtual server deployments,
    security, scalability, high availability, database
    performance and other bare metal tasks. Self-
    taught in the school of GNU, he appreciates and
    propagates software freedom values. Patrice likes
    awkward silences, either in the music he writes, in
    casual conversation or between each word he


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    PWC helped a boot manufacturer penetrate the American market by analyzing conversations around their product.

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    Petro-Canada was able to mitigate risks around its sponsorship of the Vancouver Olympics

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    Ford Canada

    Nexalogy helps Ford gain insights from their social media channels and improve their business intelligence.

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    Cossette created a data-fuelled application to launch a new line of John Frieda hair products.

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    C2 Montréal

    C2 Montréal built a real-time dashboard to track conference discussion on social media for public display throughout the event.

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    SXSW monitors safety and crowd issues during the festival.

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    Mapping Public Opinion

    and Discourse about Nanotechnology in Canada and OECD States.

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    Tourism Montreal

    Toursim Montreal uses Nexalogy to track their campaigns and attract more tourists to their city. They analyse where people are talking about planning vacations, and discover new groups of people who may want to visit and take a data driven approach to luring visitors to La Belle Province.

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    CPA Canada approached Nexalogy for a deep dive Research study designed to help the organization better understand the competitive landscape and industry issues being discussed online. Using our findings, the organization is determined to revise and update their social media strategy.

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    Igloofest measures discussion on all platforms before, during and after their event… and uses the data we provide for risk mitigation and enhancing their customers’ experience throughout the festival.

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    IDEaS was announced in Canada’s new defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, and commits to $1.6 billion of investment in innovations for defence and security over the next 20 years. The program is looking for solutions to support the development of defence and security capabilities. Nexalogy is developing technology for this program under round one challenge #15 "Making sense of social media chatter through Augmented NexaIntelligence"

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    Health Canada

    Health Canada wanted to explore the opioid crisis in Canada and used social media as a source of data to discover public conversations. Using Nexalogy technology Health Canada produced a report that shows online discussions mirror real-world experience and can be useful to the medical and policy community. Read our blog post about it