Announcing Nx.Api

NxAPI is launched!

Social data is now everywhere. It’s on our phones, it’s in our emails, it’s on our online photo albums, it’s in the games we play, it’s on our TVs and it’s found on the e-commerce sites where we shop. It can also be the detail on a trouble ticket or the responses we give in open ended surveys. It’s ubiquitous. It’s omnipresent. There’s a lot of it. It’s real time, it’s dirty, it’s noisy. It can be overwhelming. To some is represents endless opportunities.

At Nexalogy we believe that social data is a raw material, like marble or steel. A raw material that can be collected, stored, carved and sculpted into new objects with a purpose.  We have designed a set of tools that can help everyone become social data craftsmen.  We think that the future of social data will be in building social data products from custom analytics dashboards, to new visualizations, to new insights platforms, to new forms of online content to… well anything that can be imagined.  Our mission is to be the master toolsmiths for creative people everywhere providing the best tools and techniques for collecting, refining raw data and building your own social data products.

We call it NxAPI.

Our API makes available the core technology that powers our own applications. Originally conceived for our own internal development to give us a new creative freedom in application development, we decided to expose it, so that other developers interested in incorporating our technology into their own apps can do so.

Our API will help you to

  • Search on Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and Google Blogs
  • Set up an ongoing social media monitoring of your search
  • Conversation sculpting by filtering out unwanted search results
  • Run Analyses to produce reports, such as “Top Words” and “Top Hashtags”
  • Obtain those reports as pre-fab “widgets” or as JSON in order to develop your own visuals

Technically our API is a simple REST API with the following features:

  • Secure : Nx API connects only over a secure HTTPS connection, connect with an API key
  • PHP and JavaScript:  libraries of code are available that make development easy right from the start
  • Asynchronous : Allows for lengthy tasks to be performed without worrying about connection timeouts, and supports callback urls for server-side development
  • Well Documented and testable : Test each API method directly in the API Reference documentation, copy code snippets from the documentation to start your development


We built our API to have a balance between ease of use and the kind of flexibility to be able to do as much as possible with our technology.

We will keep expanding NxAPI as new sources of social data evolve. Our team of API experts and social data scientists will help you along the way to use Nx API and design your social data products.

Get your api key and start getting creative with your social data!



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