Nexalogy has developed a leading edge data-agnostic Social Data Analysis System (SDAS) that allows users to extract value from their existing data feeds (paid or free) and cope with the information overload prevalent in social media monitoring.

Users can collect their own data from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and custom RSS feeds using our advanced query design management system. They can also extract more value from existing social media monitoring solution datasets by importing that data into SDAS.

SDAS allows non experts to graphically data-mine social media data and carve out background noise to focus in on signal. We called it text sculpting.

Once users have removed unrelated content they can use the platform to produce actionable insights.

See our Library for practical examples and output.

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Who is it for?

SDAS was designed as a next generation social media intelligence platform aimed at experts such as:

  • Research analysts – market, product and customer research; reputation
  • Agencies – Brand positioning; content and creative
  • SM consultants – Growing their business on our SDAS platform
  • Brand managers and marketing executives

You can use SDAS to:

  • manage large and ever-growing volumes of social media data
  • perform deep analysis and generate insights that dive into the noise and catch the valuable signals: generate better strategic insights and actionable intelligence
  • produce unique visual outputs that will distinguish you from the crowd
  • enable greater ROI from SM research and insights: Increase high-value billing throughout your client systems
  • Integrate SM intelligence across business management platforms (CRM, lead generation, content creation and client outreach, etc)
  • Create a “force multiplier” that leverages the outputs provided by existing SM monitoring suites, such as Radian6, SM2, or your own Google Alerts.