Nexalive @ Startup Weekend Toronto

The Startup Weekend concept is a simple one: get a bunch of geeks into a room for a 54 hour sprint of pitching, team forming and MVP building. Started by Andrew Hyde, the fledgling movement has since gone global under the stewardship of Marc Nager and his band of merry men and women. The aim? To put people through the paces of building a startup so they can understand the frustration and exhileration behind the startup grind. Chris Eben and his team of volunteers put in a gargantuan effort behind only the second Startup Weekend Toronto, which is also one of the BIGGEST startup weekends ever.

Nexalogy became a partner by creating a Startup Weekend Toronto Nexalive microsite here. Creating it is simple; just plug in one #swtoronto hashtag. We captured some 3128 tweets and counting!


Sarah Jane Morris – Head of Developer Relations at – got to feel the electric atmosphere first hand. You can see she was one of the most active tweeters during the event according to Nexalive and you can read her account of this microcosm of the startup experience here.

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