Nexalogy Environics offers a range of services designed to scale to meet our clients’ needs from strategy development to tactical planning though project execution.

Rapid Response Monitoring

In the accelerated business context in which we currently live, it is more important than ever to understand new challenges or opportunities as they arise. Nexalogy Environics’ Rapid Response service provides our clients with the ability to identify, understand, and take action to deal with these challenges based on data from social media sources. Offering guaranteed turnaround times, Rapid Response Monitoring is an essential tool for clients that must make faster and better decisions.

Brand Intelligence

There are more people than ever who can affect your product or corporate brand, and it is more difficult than ever to account for how social media content affects the public’s perceptions about a brand. Nexalogy Environics’ Brand Intelligence is a key tool for companies that want to enhance their understanding of how their brand is perceived in the marketplace – and make better decisions as a result. Brand Intelligence is more than sentiment analysis: it’s a complete picture of how a brand is perceived in social media.

Competitor Intelligence

Understanding how competitors are engaging with their audience is a key input for corporate decision making. The way the public perceives a company and its competitors can change very quickly and be affected by very subtle changes in the conversational landscape – and a company that is tracking these changes over time has a clear advantage in the marketplace. Nexalogy Environics’ approach to Competitor Intelligence will not only provide information about how competitors are perceived, but practical strategies to take advantage of this intelligence.

Influencer Intelligence

One of the most important approaches in the communications toolkit has always been the development of key influencer campaigns. This approach is one of the pillars behind both product launch and crisis management strategies, among others. The age of social media provides an unprecedented opportunity to identify possible influencers – but only if the analysis is done correctly. Influence only exists in context, and Nexalogy Environics’ approach to Influencer Intelligence gives clients better tools than ever to identify and reach out to these people in a responsible, effective manner.

Issue Intelligence

Every company has social, policy, or sustainability issues that affect them on a daily basis. Understanding these issues and how they affect a client and its activities can provide a critical advantage both in terms of the time it takes to respond to new challenges and the overall understanding of the issue and how it affects them. Social media represents the largest pool of opinion and analysis ever assembled about companies and the issues they face – and Nexalogy Environics is uniquely able to analyze the myriad of opinions on any subject to help our clients navigate the complex environment in which they operate.