NexaLove: find partners according to tweet compatibility

Twitter Love
Montreal – Nexalogy Environics announces today the official launch of NexaLove, a website devoted to bringing individuals of high tweet compatibility together to form life-long relationships. NexaLove used fellow Montreal-based Mate1‘s matching questions* in conjunction with NxAPI to develop search queries and build semantic filters in order to match tweeters based on the content they tweet. Company officials are expected to find love themselves within 1 year of signing up.

Environics Research officials expect this product to improve investor confidence and widen its customer base. In addition to analyzing social data, NexaLove will permit Nexalogy to join the reigns of  “social good” enterprises, as well as diversify its current offerings. This is following the success of Tinder and OkCupid, with online dating startups  boasting an average valuation of $3.5M, according to Angel List.

More information is expected to be released following a shareholders meeting on April 2, 2015.

About Nexalogy Environics

Nexalogy was founded in 2006 by astrophysicist Claude Théoret. It has enjoyed 10 years as an independent company specializing in structuring unstructured data and analyzing the connections between words and the people who write them – on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other sources.

Nexalogy will uphold its promise to stimulate the love economy. Known for social data, the company also intends to maintain its commitment to baby manufacturing business practices. For more information, please visit


To learn more about this product launch, please contact

Nicole Fu, Media Relations

5369 Boulevard St.Laurent #220

Montreal, Quebec H2T 1S5

Office: +1 (514) 272-8349

*What’s your favourite movie? How often do you travel? What do you like to eat? What’s your favourite local hangout? What kind of music drives you nuts? What are your turn-ons and turn-offs?

SXSW Interactive 2015 Photo Diary

This year we headed to SXSW for the fourth time, and in full force. Besides powering SXSW’s safety and security team, like we did last year, here’s what else we got up to.SXSW 2015 Safety & Security Dashboard

Day 1 – March 13

We kickstarted the day at Hoot House, where we were fed with breakfast burritos and the best swag. This was followed by a panel where we learnt about Hootsuite’s acquisitions in the past year, as well as a sneak peak of new/upcoming products & features, such as Hootsuite campaigns.

Next, off to W2O Group‘s Digital Brunch we went.

Besides eating and playing with animals, we did get some work done:

The Samsung Blogger Lounge served as Nexalogy’s HQ for the duration of SXSW (one day we’ll have our own house!), put together by our client & partner, Digital Flash. We must say it was a great activation, with all the installations incorporating use of their products. For example, using a Samsung phone to:

- place an order at the juice bar

- design a t-shirt/hat/bandana

- create a GIF

Then back to the Hoot House it was for Hootsuite Labs First Anniversary Party + Social Innovators Cocktail Hour where met lovely folks such as the ladies from Blanc & Otus.

Hoot House at SXSW 2015

Followed by a rendezvous with fellow Canadians at North of 41‘s welcome reception, and Ben Parr‘s book launch!

Where Meerkat was all the rage. The ladies called it a night, while our CEO…

Day 2 – March 14

We turned a corner from the Austin Convention Center, right smack in downtown Austin to find ourselves in the woods. It was National Geographic Channel‘s awesome activation, where we worked as a team, solving clues trying to escape the cold.

National Geographic Channel Life Below Zero SXSW 2015

Which was a skip and a hop away from our supplier, Salesforce‘s lounge

All day we were hearing rumours of a place where you could play with puppies, so Naomi & Nicole just had to go check it out. Turns out it was an event put together by 3 dog-centric startups, and local rescue group Austin Pets Alive.

Naomi Goldapple at SXSW puppy party

In true SXSW-stuff-your-face-fashion, we attended W2O‘s infamous Geek-a-cue where we were in good company with tractors, haystacks, and brisket, as well a North of 41 dinner.

W20 Geek-a-cue SXSW 2015

Day 3 – March 15

We joined our supplier, Simply Measured for breakfast before hitting up Google Fiber‘s location with fellow Montrealer, Sylvain Carle, where we got to try out Google Cardboard (which we found to be very comparable to other VR headsets on the market actually!).

Google Fiber SXSW 2015

Every corner you turn during SXSW you are bombarded with marketing - Fast Company made a great parody - but here we are, genuinely intrigued by Boosted, a high-powered electric longboard.

Naomi Goldapple and Sylvain Carle checking out Boosted during SXSW 2015

Naomi Goldapple and Nicole Fu with Squirrel Books during SXSW 2015

And of course we had to pop by Twitter

Tweet Suite SXSW 2015Vine stage at Tweet Suite SXSW 2015

and Sprinklr

and finally PwC’s event where we kicked off St Patrick’s Day celebrations early, before ending the night at Tech Cocktail’s Startup Celebration and Off The Grid – a party where phones were banned!

Day 4 – March 16

It was celebrities galore at the Samsung Blogger Lounge – that’s Danielle Brooks AKA Taystee in Orange Is The New Black on the far right.

Samsung Blogger Lounge SXSW 2015

Samsung Blogger Lounge SXSW 2015

Day 5 – March 17

We didn’t attend many panels at SXSW, but this was a great one. We learnt how Perfume, a Japanese pop girl band uses data, and even has a GitHub account for fans to create their own visualizations, which could end up being on the big screen at their concerts.

Thanks for a great one, SXSW. Till next year!

Nexalogy’s Naomi Goldapple shows Montreal Girl Geeks how data fuels creativity

Naomi Goldapple, a seasoned IBM technology and business consultant turned entrepreneur turned Nexalogy‘s Queen of Business Development, was the speaker at last Wednesday’s Montreal Girl Geeks event. She talked about how we are now overwhelmed with data, both by its numbers and its complexity, yet how this data fuels better decision-making and more creativity.

She introduced the 4 essential steps in order to make sense of it all: collecting data, cleaning data, analysing data, and presenting the results. The “cleaning” (structuring, sculpting) of data is only made possible thanks to teams of engineers who code the hard stuff, as well as the brand new field of “social data scientists”, or as we like to call them at Nexalogy, AnthropoMath Guys/Gals. These folks have an understanding of human behaviour from fields such as Sociology, Political Science, Semiotics, History, and Anthropology, which are essential to interpreting the magnitude of social data.

A plethora of tools exist which enable the average joe to become their very own data scientist. Nexalogy offers 2 free tools, NexaMe and NexaSearch, which, since their inception in 2012, continue to be among the most popular free apps in Hootsuite’s App Store. NexaMe analyses the people you follow while NexaSearch analyses a hashtag or search term, and then displays the concepts people are talking about, the most shared links, the key influencers, and so on.

Here is the short (2.5 min) PwC video re. finding the needle in the social media haystack:

This video is a great example of step #4: presenting data such that it can be easily digested, and extra brownie points if it’s pretty too. After all, it wouldn’t be very kind on one’s non-analyst-trained eyes (or sanity) to pour through raw data, row after row in Excel. Though as Nexalogy’s founder Claude Théoret once said, “big data is when it can’t fit in an Excel sheet“, i.e. > 200,000 lines, which would prove infinitely harder a job. Goldapple had a few suggestions on how to present data beautifully – since the content is creative, why shouldn’t it look creative as well?

Here are some examples of how one can display data using D3, in this case, on top of our restful API:

The second tool Goldapple suggested was Infoactive, a fellow Montreal-based company which transforms live data into interactive, mobile-friendly infographics.

Thank you for having us, Montreal Girl Geeks - it’s initiatives like these that help stomp out stereotypes, eradicate barriers, and remind that there’s nothing stopping you from from joining the force that is #womenintech #womeninSTEM (might I add that there’s nothing cooler too). Nexalogy is proud to boast almost 40%  girl geeks - follow us and watch that number grow.