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Community managers and heavy Twitter users.

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  • Quickly make sense of a huge amount of tweets in your timeline.
  • Interest Map: see the connections in your community.
  • At a glance, see the top concepts, hashtags, and links.
  • Twitter follower recommendations.
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A social publishing tool for agencies and online media. Publish automated interactive social analytics as content.

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  • Customizable widgets for full integration with your websites.
  • Advanced data curation.
  • Social analytics reporting.
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Enterprise SaaS tool for business intelligence professionals and social data scientists.

Social data of all kinds, blogs, twitter, facebook, and your private social data.

  • API Access.
  • Unlimited number of queries.
  • Over 20 advanced reporting elements for gathering insights and discovery.
  • Full Data Exportability.
  • Human scoring module.
  • Timeline Event Detection.
  • Project, time and user hierarchy management.
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